medical benefits of cacao

10 Little Known Cacao Benefits

Cacao benefits–both medical and economical–have been commended for centuries. Ancient Mayan cultures and Spanish royalties incorporated cacao in their daily lives, either as a tonic drink or currency. Today, we will share with you ten more medical benefits of cacao both for physical and mental well-being. Physical and Psychological Cacao Benefits Lowers risk of cardiovascular …

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Here’s Why We’re Not a Fan of Ultra-processed Foods

Food processing dates back to prehistoric times. According to New World Encyclopedia, “is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food or food into other forms for consumption by humans or animals either in the home or by the food processing industry.” It has then evolved into two major types …

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Why ‘Bao not Cow?

The cow may be the poster child of the dairy industry, but the carabao outshines it in terms of its milk’s nutritional value: almost double the calcium and phosphorus, over 30% more protein, and half the cholesterol. And delivers a creamier, fuller taste experience. The humble, hardy carabao, being a tropical animal relative to its …

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