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Starting with farm fresh milk from grass-fed carabaos, nature’s goodness is just a serving away. And when you purchase our products, we’re able to pass the benefits directly to farmers. So while you gain wellness for yourself, you also gain well-being to others.

Why ‘Bao, Not Cow?

The cow may be the poster child of the dairy industry, but the carabao outshines it in terms of its milk’s nutritional value: almost double the calcium and phosphorus,
over 30% more protein, and half the cholesterol. And delivers a creamier, fuller taste experience.

The humble, hardy carabao, being a tropical animal relative to its temperate cousin, the cow, has the talent for producing high quality milk from “just grass.” That’s why we can source our milk from grass-fed carabaos of small-hold farmers ; we don’t feed them “just grass,” but nutritious grasses like napier and legumes, and fermented greens for additional essential elements.

Chew on that when you think
about milk from foreign cows that are usually fed with GMO-crops, like grains, and pumped with Bovine Growth Hormones (BGH) and antiobiotics to produce
milk high in quantity but low in quality. You can only imagine how unhappy these cows must be. And how happy our carabaos are!

Did we already mention that 99% of our dairy is imported?

Less is More

If you carefully check many brightly packaged dairy products, you’ll be surprised at their ingredients list: looooong on extenders, additives, preservatives, unhealthy sugars – even flavoring and coloring – and short on farm fresh milk, the main ingredient of any self-respecting dairy product.

That supposedly “healthy” food in your cart has been highly processed to squeeze more product out of milk (most are made from not-the-most-healthy-or- wholesome milk powders) and to extend its shelf life, in the process killing off any natural nutrients living in “whole” foods. By choosing products with only a few, familiar ingredients – and ideally as fresh as possible – you’re assured you’re nourishing your body with real food, not “frakenfood.”



Yogi Boo
Perfectly Plain

Yogi Boo Perfectly Plain

Peace of mind from low-fat, unsweetened yummy yogurt

Made with fresh carabao milk (a combination of low-fat and full-fat), live bacteria cultures (L. bulgaricus), mango-based pectin

Shelf life:

2 weeks in the refrigerator, ideally chilled between the usual 1º and 4º C.

Serving suggestions:

  • Refresh your day with Yogi Boo Creamy Smoothies.Add plain yogurt to your favorite smoothies. It adds creaminess! Simply substitute plain yogurt for any frozen yogurt or ice cream listed in the original smoothie recipe.
  • Cook your dishes at the Yogi Boo Sauce. Top your dishes with Yogi Boo plain. Use it as a creamy and healthy alternative to your usual sauce or dips. Less calories, less fat, creamier taste!

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Yogi Boo
Gently Sweet

Yogi Boo Gently Sweet

Naturally low-fat with lower Glycemic Index, this yogurt has a unique flavor courtesy of distinctly Filipino coco sugar

Made with fresh carabao milk (a combination of low-fat and full-fat), live bacteria cultures (L. bulgaricus), coco sugar, mango-based pectin

Shelf life:

2 weeks in the refrigerator, ideally chilled between the usual 1º and 4º C.

Serving suggestions:

  • Allow yourself a break with Fresh Yogi Boo Snack.Relish your favorite cookie or biscuit with our delicious Yogi Boo, a delight!

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Boo-lala Boo-tter

European-style butter, naturally flavored with our signature Filipino love

Made with fresh carabao cream, live bacteria cultures (L. bulgaricus), salt

Shelf life:

2 weeks in the refrigerator, ideally chilled between 1º and 4º C. Can last longer with proper handling.

Serving suggestions:

  • Start your meal with a Boo Lalacrunchy and salty pleasure. Discover the delicious radishes with herb Boo Lala.In a small bowl, mix Boo Lala, dill, parsley, lemon juice, zest and salt. Cover and chill until ready to serve. Slice radishes and baguette into thin slices. Spread a generous amount of Boo Lala on the baguette, layer a few slices of radish over the butter, sprinkle with sea salt and garnish with a small piece of dill. What a delectable starter!
  • Accompany your dishes with herb Boo Lalacorn side.Take yourself to heaven with this delicious sweet, crunchy cobs of fresh corn seasoned with Boo Lala and herbs. Such side dish pairs perfectly with grilled meats like chicken and steak. Glorious all natural Boo-tter can also be paired with any other type of vegetables or carbs.
  • Allow yourself a crunchy Boo Lala Break. For a crunchy and healthy snack, melt butter over popcorn. Nothing simpler and better!

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Buy This, not That: Why Loving Local matters

Dairy in the Philippines is a billion dollar industry, but only 3% of the revenues go back to our farmers producing the milk. The playing field is saturated by multinationals with their massive resources, and imported goods made super affordable by subsidies and tax breaks.

Whenever we choose products with mostly imported ingredients (most dairy in the Philippines are made of powdered cow milk from other countries), never mind foreign brands, we take money away from Filipinos, especially our farmers. But when we choose local, we shift the earnings directly back to Filipinos, who benefit not just from the sale of finished goods, but also of raw materials and other components, such as packaging.

CalaBoo is committed to paying farmers above-market price for their milk, and to reinvesting part of our profits to provide value-added services that will raise their quality of life. Supporting our core business model is a strong ecosystem of public and private partners, and we hope as consumers you can actively participate in the enrichment of fellow Filipinos and our country as a whole.

By making conscious consumer choices and “Loving Local” you become an integral part of building a social market that helps lift our nation out of poverty and into shared prosperity.