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Freshly handcrafted from grass-fed carabaos to deliver naturally healthy goodness.
We’re committed to sharing our profits with farmers to uplift them out of poverty.

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On average, we use only 2 to 4 basic ingredients to make our faBoolous products, starting with farm-fresh carabao milk. The additives we use liberally are love and good intentions.

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The country’s rising economy still leaves nearly a third of our population living in poverty. Our goal is to create inclusive growth by empowering the poor to become a valued partner in our enterprise.

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With GK Enchanted Farm, we’re committed to build a poverty-free Philippines with dairy excellence. Our founder once lived the American Dream and is dreaming the bigger Filipino Dream of shared prosperity.

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From time to time we have activities either at GK Enchanted Farm or in key locations in Manila.
Visit this section often so we can share not only our yummy treats, but also the passion and inspiration behind our mission.

Testimonials. Falling in love with CalaBoo

What does love taste like?

As they wax eloquent on CalaBoo and will say this or that, we can all agree on this: pure and natural is the unmistakable yummy goodness your faBoolous body deserves.

(You might not want to settle again for multi-ingredient, preservative-ful, mass produced mediocrity!)

Yogurt or Butter?

Mapapa-Filipino ka sa sarap!
Louis Faure reviews CalaBoo

Even babies can't
get enough of CalaBoo!

CalaBoo Yogurt Taste Test with
GKEF French Volunteers