Why ‘Bao not Cow?

The cow may be the poster child of the dairy industry, but the carabao outshines it in terms of its milk’s nutritional value: almost double the calcium and phosphorus, over 30% more protein, and half the cholesterol. And delivers a creamier, fuller taste experience.

The humble, hardy carabao, being a tropical animal relative to its temperate cousin, the cow, has the talent for producing high quality milk from “just grass.” That’s why we can source our milk from grass-fed carabaos of small-hold farmers ; we don’t feed them “just grass,” but nutritious grasses like napier and legumes, and fermented greens for additional essential elements.

Chew on that when you think about milk from foreign cows that are usually fed with GMO-crops, like grains, and pumped with Bovine Growth Hormones (BGH) and antibiotics to produce milk high in quantity but low in quality. You can only imagine how unhappy these cows must be. And how happy our carabaos are! Did we already mention that 99% of our dairy is imported?

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